7 simple things you can do to practice self care

Our everyday lives seem to be getting busier, passing by faster, and becoming overwhelmingly tech-saturated. It can be especially difficult to find the time to do things that relax us – things that are essential for our bodies, minds, and souls to power through another busy week. This is why I decided to compile a short list of things you can do to find peace in your day-to-day life based on the things I, myself, do to reach a level of calmness at the end of a stressful day.

1. Put that phone down – now.

You heard me. Put. it. down. *Coughs* After you read my blog though, xx *coughs*.

I cannot describe the clarity and peace of mind I feel after a while of setting my phone down and doing something else. Additionally, I feel a sense of accomplishment as well as productivity whenever I do this as opposed to scrolling through an hour’s worth of Instagram reels or Facebook memes.

I promise you, you’ll feel better after a little while of being separated from your phone and doing something you really love or brings you peace.

Here are more things you can do when you’re not on your phone.

2. Feel the sun.

This is going to sound like one of those cheesy quotes from an inspirational Instagram page but – you are, in many ways, like a plant. You need to get nutrients into your body, you need water [not just 1 cup or 2, but at least 8 cups of water, okay!], and you need sunlight.

Walk outside or, if you live in an apartment building with no yard or a place to lounge outdoors, sit by a window where the sunlight shines through. Close your eyes and soak in the warmth. You could also go to your nearest park to do this.

On days that I have felt dreary and mentally/emotionally exhausted, I’ve made it a point to go outside to stretch and soak in some rays. And here, in Germany, I try to take advantage of whenever the sun is out at all.

A reminder to be careful and limit the amount of exposure outside depending on the time of day it is [the sun tends to be harshest around noon] and remember to have some SPF on!

3. Light some tea candles

There’s just something about lighting a couple of tea candles and placing them around a room in the house that makes me feel calmer – even if a little.

Lighting tea candles in a dimly-lit room gives it an ambience of stillness and tranquility that subconsciously relax your body and mind.

This is something I do every single day. It’s basically a little routine of mine by now. For me, buying a pack of 50 tea light candles is the highlight of my week.

4. Have a random dancing moment

One of my most favorite shows of my childhood, iCarly, taught me two critically important things:

  1. Don’t mess with Sam Puckett.
  2. Random dancing is good for the soul.

Not only will you mind and soul feel better, but your body will, too! Having fun and getting a workout in there in the process? Sign me up!

Seriously, go put on your favorite music to dance to and have a mini dance party in your room. Hopefully, nobody’s watching 😜.

5. Light some incense

One of my most favorite things to do is to light incense every morning and while writing a blogpost!

I feel like this is the one thing I would feel weird not doing every single day. Lighting incense makes me feel so calm and ready at the same time to tackle the day. It sets the tone for my intended goals of the day. Each scent has its own purpose for me.

An example of this is whenever I want to have a spark of inspiration, I like to light spicy or citrus-y scents whereas I like to light the soft, floral scents whenever I want to wind down.

If you don’t have incense nor want to have them, I feel like scented candles can give you a similar boost as well!

6. Create a skincare routine.

Yes, this applies to everyone. A skincare routine is a good thing to incorporate into your day-to-day because, not only will your skin thank you for it, but your mind will, too.

During a skincare routine, be sure to mindfully pat/dab/massage your chosen products onto your skin. Don’t just harshly rub the products against your skin as fast as you can so you can be done with it – it won’t relax you nor will it be good for your face.

Take deep breaths in and out while applying everything. Try to take your time while doing your routine.

After everything, you can even use a face mask if you have one sitting around.

7. Do whatever it is that brings you true peace

Anything [within healthy boundaries] that makes you feel happy during and after, you should totally do.

Whether that be reading, singing, writing, shopping for that cute top you’ve had your eye on for the past month, or anything else, just do it.

This life is truly too short for you to be doing things that don’t bring you peace and happiness. So get to doing less of what brings your stress, and do more of what you’re passionate about.

||Nocturnal Blogger ♥

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