Halloween Update Guide: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hello, my lovely nocturnals and diurnals!

Answer in the comments: Have you created your pumpkin patch already?

Well, hello! It is currently 6am and I have not had a wink of sleep!

Why?”, you ask?

Well, Nintendo just released its new halloween update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I could not be more ecstatic for this one! I’m sure I am not the only one who has been anxiously waiting for this update and, now that it’s finally here, I decided it was the right time to completely mess up my sleep schedule [more than it already is].

And, yes, I “time traveled” for this. Which, I don’t normally do – I just NEEDED to see all of the pumpkin growth phases today or else I would not have been able to sleep in peace. Plus, I documented the phases so you could see [in case you were curious like me lol].

Halloween Update: My Pumpkin Patch

I know this may be an unimportant detail to some, but I loved seeing each phase of the pumpkin growth! I didn’t just want to skip the 4 days and see the ripe pumpkins. I really wanted to see each of the phases – that’s just me. Anyone out there that likes to appreciate the little details like these?

The Pumpkins

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Patch
My lovely pumpkins – can’t wait to make another in-depth post about my other pumpkin patches!

When you start the game after the update and go to Nook’s Cranny, the Nooklings will tell you about the pumpkins. One of the main things that I absolutely love is the fact that they come in four different colors:

  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green

I feel like this variation in colors helps create such a lovely contrast between pumpkins. However, they are random, so you can’t pick a specific color. I just bought 40+ pumpkin starts and planted them wherever.

There does seem to be a frequency of how many of each color grow, with orange pumpkins being the most common, followed by white pumpkins, and, lastly, yellow and green pumpkins, which I found to be tied in terms of how many pop up from, say, the 40 pumpkin starts I planted lol.

Extra Pumpkin Info

  • Unlike turnips, time traveling” will not make your pumpkins go bad/rot. So you can TT to your heart’s content.
  • You won’t have to worry about replanting the pumpkin starts once you harvest their ripe pumpkins. The pumpkin starts regrow 3 days after you harvest them. This cycle will continue throughout the entire month of October.
  • You can plant them next to each other as well -same as the shrubs and flowers in the game.
  • Do not sell your pumpkins! Once they are grown, harvest them and keep them for when you need to craft special pumpkin items! Also, be sure to be extra stingy with the rarer pumpkin colors, as you’ll need them for certain DIY recipes that require that specific color.
  • By watering your pumpkins, you can make them grow up to three pumpkins from a single start! Notice in the following picture how some of the pumpkins have multiple pumpkins and others have only 1 – that’s because I only watered a few of them for two days. If I had watered them for three days straight, they would’ve sprouted 3 pumpkins.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy them from the Nooklings. Buy them from Leif instead – which he sells for HALF of the price of what the Nooklings do.
    • Nooklings’ Price: 280 bells per pumpkin start
    • Leif’s Price: 140 bells per pumpkin start
  • If you’re intent on saving bells, definitely go over to Leif which appears at the Plaza/Town Hall on October 1st selling the pumpkin starts along with seasonal shrubs. However, if you’re a “bellionaire” and don’t care about how much you spend, then by all means, go wherever you wish.
  • Pumpkin Items:
    • Pumpkin Arch
    • Pumpkin Fence
    • Pumpkin Stack
    • Pumpkin Stool
    • Pumpkin Table
    • Candy Set
    • Lantern Set
    • Lantern Stand
    • Jack-O-Lantern
    • Scarecrow

Special / Seasonal Items

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Items
Heads up: This Spooky Table goes for a smooth 22,000 bells 🙂 Shortly after taking this picture, I found that out. And had to run to the ABD.

Now, listen, even if you end up buying pumpkin starts from Leif, there are still many special items that you need to get from Nook’s Cranny. These items fall into two categories:

  • Candy – 120 bells
  • Spooky Furniture – Varies

The Candy

The candy will be available for the entire month of October and is located where the tools and flowers are [I forgot the name for it – Armoire? Wardrobe? Cabinet? Apologies for my brain – but it’s now 7:30am… bear with me, yes?]. You will only be able to purchase ONE candy each day. However, if you visit other islands, you’ll be able to purchase theirs, too.

What is the purpose of said candy?

The candy is needed for the Halloween event! You need to give candy to your villagers on Halloween night in order to receive lollipops that you can then go to Jack and trade them for special Halloween items.

It is very important for you to go to Nook’s Cranny to buy candy every day and build up your stock for Halloween!

Spooky Furniture

As for the spooky furniture, you can find it displayed on the spotlight items spot in Nook’s Cranny. You know, where we all had the same surfboard and electric fan appear for the entire summer. There.

So be sure to check every day for new furniture!

Additional Details

  • You can change your eye color/skin tone by going to the town hall and accessing the Nook Stop Machine [or the ABD/green machine inside town hall]. You need to redeem Nook Miles to access these features.
  • Check in with your villagers daily for a chance to catch them crafting a seasonal DIY recipe that you can learn!
  • Pop balloons to get DIY recipes as well. Keep an eye out for them!
  • Visit Able’s every day for seasonal clothing/costumes.
  • Remember there are new reactions [“Haunt” and “Scare”]
  • Jack will be making an appearance on your island on the 31st!

Pumpkin Patch Inspo

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Patch
I had this little area prepared before the update and, as soon as the game updated, I added the lovely pumpkins. I am so happy with the way it turned out! What do you think?

The rest

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Patch

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