Bullet Journal Tracker Section + Blog Ideas and Brain Dump

Hello, my lovely nocturnals and diurnals! I hope you’re all doing well. The past two days have been a big blur – it doesn’t even feel like it’s been two days – and most of that can be attributed to the fact that I did not sleep for 48 hours thanks to my obsession on writing this guide for Animal Crossing’s new update.

Thanks to the lack of sleep, I currently look extremely similar to this:

Yes, I am – to say the least – an Animal Crossing fan. So, you can expect more posts like those to come. I was thinking about showing some neat tricks as well as showcasing parts of my island. Let me know what you’d like to see!

Jumping right back to this particular post, I just wanted to share my bujo tracker along with other sections that I will [hopefully] be filling out as the days go by.

Here they are:

Bullet Journal Tracker

Bullet Journal Tracker

Now, I don’t know if everyone is just super fast, or I am super slow [or both lol] but, it took me a good hour for me to make this.

And even then, it’s not even complete because I am not sure what else I’d like to keep track of other than my moods – but I’d like to use a whole individual section/page for that one.

I want to know, what do you put in your bujo tracker? By letting me know, I might get inspired and want to add it to my own. Right now, I have 4 empty spaces and I’m at a loss on what to write in them.

You’ve probably noticed some new items…

Yes, I got new items from Ali Express and I’m so excited to try them all! I’ve already tried one of them, however. And they’re in the picture above – can you guess what the new item I tried is? I also ordered letter stamps from Ali Express, and made a blog post about my thoughts on the products, so go check it out for yourself!

My Blog Ideas / Brain Dump Section

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

It’s pretty minimalistic and somewhat vintage-y in a way [which is exactly what I was going for]. Now, I know this is a far cry from my October Monthly Spread Theme, but after spending 3+ hours working on that cover page alone, I started to seriously consider if it was worth it to have a migraine for the rest of the day if I kept on doing those detailed spreads. Now, that’s not to say I won’t ever do a schmancy, cute spread again, but I won’t for a little while at least.

Another thing about this particular section is that the number 10 keeps bothering my eyes. I dislike the fact that the zero is so far apart from the one.

Anyway, I’m getting the hang of the letter stamps, I promise!

Printable October Calendar

I know, right? I can’t believe I actually created this from scratch.

I am weirdly proud of it.

Do you think I should make more printable calendars? Or should I stick to writing and call it a day? Lol

Welp, that is all for tonight! It’s currently 2:01am here in Germany and I should get some sleep.

Leave a comment and say hi? ♥

Happy October, everyone!

Nocturnal Blogger ♥

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5 things that you can do with your time instead of staring at your phone all day

Welcome back, all you lovely nocturnals and diurnals ♥

Listen, I get it, our phones are portals to the magical realm that is the internet and, with it, adorable kitten videos, aesthetic youtube vlogs, and those buzzfeed quizzes that tell us what kind of dog we are, BUT… you need to stop staring at your phone all day.

“But, what ever shall I do without my phone?!”, you yell.

Do not fret – I have compiled a little list of things you can do instead, and you can also incorporate these self-care practices to your daily routine to help boost your mood and boost your productivity.

Without further ado, here is my compiled list:

1. Start a Bullet Journal

Now, I know I only began my bujo journey fairly recently, but, I have to say, it’s helped me a lot.

Not only am I spending less time on my phone, but I am being productive and organized at the same time.

Keeping a bullet journal is great for keeping track of life and not missing a thing. By writing everything down and checking/updating your journal every day, you will create a positive habit that will, undoubtedly, increase your productivity and creativity.

Personally, ever since I began my bullet journal, I haven’t been able to stop. I get excited to make next week’s spread, mark down my habits, check off my monthly goals as I achieve them, and more.

There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with just keeping a bullet journal, and I feel like it’s good to give it a try!

2. Revive a Lost Hobby

You know what I’m talking about – that hobby you had a couple years ago that you no longer do or only do once every blue moon. A hobby that used to bring you joy, but you no longer practice. Whether that be painting, writing, singing, dancing, gardening, etc.

Reviving a lost hobby also revives a part of us that has been dormant along with it. For me, it was writing – hence the existence of this blog. This is what I love doing, what I know I was born to do, and what I hope to keep doing forever. I suppose, for me, writing is more than a hobby… it is – at the risk of sounding super cheesy – a part of me.

So, revive that lost hobby that you used to feel passionate about doing. You won’t even want to get back to your phone as often.

3. Cook/Bake Something New

I also enjoy doing this from time to time. In fact, this very week, I cooked something new for dinner, and I made a new kind of chip dip [which turned out delicious if I do say so myself]. Both of these creations were done without a recipe in sight. I just love to experiment in the kitchen and, whatever comes out of it, does.

Thankfully, everything I’ve made so far hasn’t tasted anything less than edible.

However, if you aren’t the type to just pour ingredients into a pot and pray to the kitchen gods, then following a recipe is great, too! There was a recipe I followed for raspberry sorbet and it was the most delicious dessert I’ve ever made.

Just goes to show that recipes exist for a reason and maybe, just maybe, I should follow them more lol.

A picture from August of some french toast I made with homemade blueberry sauce [syrup?] that I am extremely proud of.

4. Practice Yoga

I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I didn’t really believe much in yoga. I used to think that people who practiced yoga were just trying to regulate their breathing [which, it does have to do with it], but it’s much more than that.

Yoga eases the body, mind and spirit. It aids against insomnia, improves your emotional wellbeing, refreshes and “wakes” up the brain, and so much more.

My first attempt at yoga was last year – a yoga session with Adrienne from youtube.

I still remember the feeling after finishing her Day 1: Ease into it yoga video. I felt renewed, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day. I even slept better that night. The more I continued doing yoga, the better I felt – physically and emotionally. I whole-heartedly recommend her videos for anyone who’s looking for these kinds of results.

No matter who you choose to be your yoga instructor, I feel like it is such an important practice to include into your every day routine!

5. Prepare and Send a Letter

I know – who sends letters anymore? Well, I still do. Albeit, it’s not as frequent as I’d like but I’m getting back on the “mail” train and preparing more letters to send as we speak.

Sending letters possesses its own magical charm that sending a text or email will never have. Just the thought of receiving a letter that someone took their time to hand-write, artfully package, and send, is nice.

You can even take it up a notch by drawing, painting, and crafting a work of art into each letter – like these ones from Pinterest.

Not only are they nice to receive, but to send as well! I find it therapeutic to sit down and carefully think of a layout, style, colors, and other aspects you would want to incorporate, and then actually doing it.

I’ve spent a good chunk of time just making one single letter, but it is so satisfying when you complete it and it’s so exciting once you send it, only to await anxiously for the recipient to get it.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and, as always, thank you for reading! Why not drop by and say hi in the comments? One of the things I enjoy most about writing in my blog is interacting with my readers ♥

~Nocturnal Blogger♥

I ordered letter stamps from Ali Express and here are my thoughts

Welcome, my lovely nocturnals and diurnals! As I sit here at this precise moment, writing these words, I have to the right of me some letter stamps that I have been anxiously waiting for ever since I placed the order.

I still haven’t tried them out! So I am noticeably excited to get to it and to write down my thoughts on all of them.

Before I do, however, let me just list exactly what it is that I am reviewing:

  • An A to Z Rubber Stamp Set
  • A Monthly Rubber Stamp Set
  • A Days of the Week Rubber Stamp Set

I will be trying them out now and taking pictures for you to see! I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I won’t be disappointed.

Be right back!

It really did feel like an eternity.


To start off, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the A to Z stamp set came with its own little, square ink pad.

However, I’m happy that my stamping didn’t rely on that ink pad because, well, it was a bit difficult to get a solid letter using that ink. You had to apply considerable pressure to cover the rubber stamp and, even then, the ink was inconsistent. It looked watery.

Here is a comparison between the two ink pads – the one on the left is the ink pad included in the stamp set, and the one on the right is one I bought separately.

Comparison between two ink pads picture

The same pressure was applied both on the ink pad and afterwards on the paper. Evidently, the ink pad included with the stamp set is of less quality than my individual one. However, I bet you could achieve a solid letter if you pressed hard enough.

Nonetheless, it was a nice surprise to see that the set included the ink pad – I will no doubt be using it at some point.

The other stamps:

You can see that, in the second picture, both November and December don’t show completely – I didn’t press them correctly 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Overall, I am excited and happy with them! I cannot wait to start incorporating these stamps in my bullet journal!

If you want to buy these:

Here are the links to the same ones I ordered:

I am currently in Germany and my order took around 2 weeks to get here. Hopefully it gets to you quicker than that! I still have plenty of Ali Express orders that I haven’t received yet.

What do you think of my post? Do you want to see more blog posts like this one? Let me know in the comments and I will take it into consideration for next time I receive another order!

Or, just drop in and say “hey” 😜

And, as always, thank you so much for reading!

~Nocturnal Blogger ♥

Bujo: My October Monthly Spread

Hey, all you lovely people! So, I decided to jump on the bullet journal (bujo) bandwagon and post my monthly/weekly/daily spreads. I’ve tried bullet journaling before, but I never really took the time to make it “pretty” – just purely functional.

However, I am still fairly new in the bullet journaling community. “How new?”, you ask. Well,

I just found out yesterday that “bujo” is short for bullet journal. I thought “bujo” was some sort of cutesy bullet journaling style.

It’s okay to laugh – I laughed at myself for 5 minutes straight at the sudden realization of this. So go ahead.


As a theme, I decided to go with the whole “autumn vibes/colors” for October [I know, groundbreaking and original], and I plan on making the weekly spreads in a couple of days.

“Every now and again,

trace back your


-S.C. Lourie

Without further ado, here are a couple of pictures of my spread for the month of October:

What do you think? Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I am actually weirdly proud of how it turned out even though it’s not half as impressive as the dozen of bujos I see on instagram… but I am happy with mine nonetheless!

Let me know if you are new [or a pro] in the bullet journal community! And, if you want a chance to be featured in my blog or instagram, tag me on my IG @nocturnalblogger ! I love seeing any and all bujo spreads.

And of course, once again, my many thanks to you for reading my blog 🤎

~Nocturnal Blogger 🤎

iOS14 Widgets || My Customized Home Screen Pages

Hi there! Thank you for visiting lil’ ol’ me :3. Now, in my last blog post about the iOS14 update guide, I said I would include my 7 completed home screen pages! Also, don’t forget to vote on my poll after viewing all of the photos from the gallery – I want to know what everyone’s favorite picks are!

Additionally, rest assured that I have not forgotten about making a tutorial so you can follow the steps to creating a home screen page just like mine.

Here they are, the masterpieces that took me hours on end to complete [and I’m not even halfway done lol help]:

What do you think? Comment below if you found this interesting and tell me all about your ideas!

I’d love to see how you arrange your home screen, too. Use the hashtag #nocturnalblogger on Instagram so I can see your ideas and creations ♥ I could even feature them either in my IG stories or on one of my blog posts!

Once again, thank you for reading ♥

||Nocturnal Blogger ♥

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iOS14 Widgets

iOS14 Widgets + Widgetsmith || Customize and Set Up Your Home Screen

Well, hello there! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Apple launched this new schmancy update called iOS14 that includes a lot of cool features and tools. However, the one I’ll be writing about today is the new widget feature.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the entire morning and afternoon in an organizational frenzy – rearranging, deleting, and moving apps around the screen. It is strangely engrossing, to say the least.

Let’s just say, I woke up around 7:45am [which is a rarity for me], and it is currently 4:03pm… and I’ve only organized HALF of my stuff.

I will be guiding you with my own know-how and telling you everything you will need to know in order to make this process smoother and, hopefully, faster.

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the iOS14 update already before continuing! To check, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

1. Move your apps to the App Library

And this one is the first tip because it’s probably the most important one, the one that I wish I’d done first – move all the apps to the app library.

To do this, tap and hold your finger over any app [or anywhere on your home screen], and, once you have an app under your finger to move it around, tap other individual apps to group them together. Once you have a bunch of them grouped [don’t release your finger, yet], drag them to the furthest page to the right of your screen until you reach the App Library. Once there, release the apps – they will automatically organize themselves! Woot, woot!

Be sure to play this in HD quality!

2. Download “Widgetsmith” in the App Store

Go to the app store and download Widgetsmith – you’ll need it for the rest of the tutorial!

This is an app created specifically to work in conjunction with Apple’s new iOS14 update and allows for more awesome and aesthetically-pleasing iPhone screens. Fair warning, though – it is a d d i c t i n g .

3. The features

I decided to record a video showing a brief overview of the widgets both from iOS14 and Widgetsmith. In this case, I feel like a video will be a better way to showcase it. I will be explaining more about it in a video [an actual youtube video!] soon as well!

Be sure to play this in HD Quality!

4. Small, Medium, and Large Widgets

As you saw from my last video, there are 3 different sizes to the new iOS update and Widgetsmith app.

I love to create a bunch of different-sized widgets and play around with the order/structure. Normally, however, I tend to mix and match between the small and medium widgets because they allow for a bit more flexibility than if I were to incorporate a large widget – which takes up a whopping 16 spaces worth of individual apps whereas the small and medium-sized widgets take up 4 and 8 spaces respectively.

My only complaint is that I wish I could change the medium-sized widget from a horizontal position to a vertical position. I feel like it would have looked really nice as a small little sidebar of sorts on each home page.

5. Layouts

There are so many styles and structure combinations to set up in each of your home screen pages – I’ve been rearranging for hours on end all day today while also writing this blog post. Every time I wrote something on here, and then went to rearrange some more stuff around, the more familiarized I became with the update which brought me back to this post to add more and more to it!

I’ve already done 7 pages of my home screen, which dumbfounds me to no end because you’d think that someone who’s spent 8+ hours organizing would have their entire phone organized to the Apple gods.

Here’s one of my completed pages:

My “Sunset” home screen page

I made another post where I’ve included all 7 of my completed home screen pages! I also included a poll because I want to know which pages are everyone’s favorite. Go check it out!

6. More Neat Widget Apps

So, upon searching for apps in the App Store, I came across several other neat widget apps to download – I must say, some of them look promising.

Like, a Jumping Dino game widget?! Sign me up!

Here is a list of widget apps that I found and will possibly be reviewing in another blog post:

  • Motivation – Daily Quotes
  • Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur
  • Sticky Notes + Widget
  • Color Widgets

Let me know if you’d like to see any more widget app reviews!

7. Final Thoughts on Widgetsmith

I feel like, overall, the Widgetsmith app is superb! The fact that it’s free [with optional in-app purchases] makes it even better. Albeit I haven’t tried that many other apps, I feel like it can’t get any better than what I’ve already tested. However, should my opinion change on the matter, I will most certainly update this review and let you know why.

Nonetheless, I will be testing out more widget apps this week. So I will be posting my thoughts on each of them.

Pros about the Widgetsmith app:

  • It offers many types/styles of free widgets [time, date, custom, calendar, reminder, health & activity, and astronomy widgets!]
  • Ease of using the app/good structure flow
  • Quick learning curve
  • Compact and straightforward design

Cons about the Widgetsmith app:

  • Not many fonts to customize text [there are only 9 fonts as of right now]
  • No color picker wheel to allow freedom in choosing whatever background color we like [there are only 29 colors, and although that may sound like enough, it’s not – at least for me it isn’t]. The same applies to the border colors. I was just honestly expecting a color wheel or bar of some sort.
  • “Weather” and “Tides” widget styles are only accessible through a paid subscription with Widgetsmith. However, this didn’t really bother me, because I, myself, am not that interested in those.

And with that, I officially conclude this blog post! Join my email list below to get notified of when I post fresh content and for free digital content you can use on your social media and much more!

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Thoughts? Let me know in the comments whether you agree or disagree with the points I made or if you just like the blog post in general. This took me hours to write – mostly because I kept learning new things and wanted to provide more details on it.

But, alas, I am done!

As always, thank you for reading ♥

||Nocturnal Blogger ♥

Bujo: My October Monthly Spread

Hey, all you lovely people! So, I decided to jump on the bullet journal (bujo) bandwagon and post my monthly/weekly/daily spreads. I’ve tried bullet journaling before, but I never really took the time to make it “pretty” – just purely functional. However, I am still fairly new in the bullet journaling community. “How new?”, you …

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